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About Edward Denison

Edward Denison is an independent writer and photographer, and teaches at The Bartlett, UCL. His books include (with Guang Yu Ren and Naigzy Gebremedhin) Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City (Merrell, 2003); McMorran & Whitby (RIBA, 2009); (with Guang Yu Ren) Building Shanghai: The Story of Shanghai's Gateway (Wiley, 2006), Modernism in China – Architectural Visions and Revolutions (Wiley, 2008), and The Life of the British Home: An Architectural History (Wiley, 2012)

Articles by Edward Denison

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mount Pleasant: delivering public land into private hands

The imminent sale of Britain's postal industry is mirrored by an architectural development that will extinguish the character of a London neighbourhood, says Edward Denison.

Baby Boom to Moral Bust: How Britain's youth will suffer most from the cuts

Local councils will be deciding how to cope with debilitating cuts to their budgets in the coming weeks. Out of all those affected, it is young people, infants and the unborn who will suffer most from the accumulative impact of the cuts.

The architectural photographer as terrorist

A professional outing in west London finds Edward Denison detained as a terror suspect, and with a new sense of fear about his country.

Restoring history in China

The combined effects of dogmatic communism and rampant capitalism over the last fifty years have devastated much of China's unique architectural heritage. Edward Denison records in words and images the efforts to preserve what is left for future generations.

The Horn of Africa: a bitter anniversary

Five years after international arbitration over the Eritrea-Ethiopia border, the world remains dangerously indifferent to the still-unresolved issue, says Edward Denison.

Ethiopia's hostages to history

The seizure of British diplomats near the unforgiving Ethiopia-Eritrea border has a bloody precedent, says Edward Denison.

Eritrea: a cheap holiday in other people's misery

Edward Denison, author of "Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City", reports on the architecture and politics of a nation on its knees.

"London good. Asmara bad." In four terse words, Semret had summed up the distilled histories of two disparate capital cities in unwittingly Orwellian tones. Few people have heard of Asmara. Indeed many have not heard of the country of which it is the capital city ­- Eritrea.

Eritrea vs Ethiopia: the shadow of war

The Horn of Africa is on the brink of another devastating war. If it occurs, the blame will be widely shared, says Edward Denison.
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