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About Edward Lemon

Edward Lemon is a doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter. His research examines security, migration and politics in Tajikistan. Follow him on Twitter at @edwardlemon3.

Articles by Edward Lemon

This week’s front page editor

Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Transforming Tajikistan: how the Rahmon regime turned religion into a site of struggle

This new book focuses on Tajik society’s turn to Islam as a means of coping with disorder.

How can we explain radicalisation among Central Asia’s migrants?

Central Asia isn’t to blame for “exporting terrorism”, but the stigmatising experience of migration could be. Русский, Ўзбекча

The long arm of the despot

17446065489_ed588b674b_o (1)_0.jpg

Tajikistan’s government doesnt hesitate to go after its critics abroad. Intimidation, beatings and murder — this is Central Asias authoritarianism without borders.


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