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About Edward van Daalen

Edward van Daalen is a PhD researcher in law at the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies of the University of Geneva. He has previously conducted socio-legal research in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, concerning the drafting of a local law on street children. His current research is based on fieldwork done in Africa, Latin America, and India and focuses on the role and resistance of working children’s movements in the continuous development of international child labour norms.

Articles by Edward van Daalen

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Salvar a niñas y niños con canciones y refrigerios

Si la conversación en el «Debate de Alto Nivel sobre el trabajo infantil» de la OIT hubiera estado a la altura de su nombre, el mundo podría haber comenzado a avanzar en esta cuestión tan importante. English

A tale of two conferences: exploring the politics of global child labour policies

Two international conferences on child labour were held in South America this fall. In one working children participated, the other not. The results couldn't have been more different.

Saving the children with songs and light refreshments

If the conversation at the ILO's ‘high level panel discussion on child labour’ had lived up to its name the world might have started to make progress on this important issue. Español

Can campaigns to stop child labour be stopped?

Working children’s organisations have had limited success in challenging dominant abolitionist perspectives on child labour. Working children’s realities and conceptions of rights need to be taken more seriously in international debates.

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