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About Efraim Perlmutter

Efraim has been a resident of the western Negev, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, for almost 40 years. He has a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in international relations and is both a farmer and an English teacher, and a teacher twice-retired, most recently from teaching English at a Bedouin High School.


Articles by Efraim Perlmutter

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

One Zionist view of the Balfour Declaration

The State of Israel came into being thirty-one years after the Balfour Declaration, precisely because Zionist Jews were done entrusting their fate to others.

The football kicking the players, on the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 war

What was truly ironic about the Arab legal case was that Arab representatives at the 1967 UNSC laid out the legal justification for what Israel did, beginning on June 5.   

A learning experience

Making a few people obscenely rich is no reason for the USA not to have a health system something like Israel’s. There is no free lunch. But the system works.

One Israeli Zionist response to Mary Davis and Jonathan Rosenhead

The real problem is that anti-Semitism has become an integral part of Palestinian and Arab nationalism, imported from the west.

Israel Firsters

For the past few months Israelis and Palestinians have experienced a wave of terrorist attacks mainly on civilian targets. Peace education may have an answer.

Final observations on Israeli elections

The question remains, even if Netanyahu can form a workable government, can he repair the damage he has done to Israeli society and to his own and the State of Israel’s image.

What’s in a name? A second report on the Israeli elections

There has been some interesting rebranding of Israeli political parties in honor of the forthcoming election. Political campaigning on Israeli TV is restricted prior to the election, but clever ways are being found to bypass the rules.

Some observations on the forthcoming Israeli elections

The first polls taken after the election process was set in motion showed that Netanyahu was not seen as popular. So why did Netanyahu call for elections now?

Zionist attitudes towards the Arabs: 1902 until today

This is an attempt to survey Zionist attitudes towards the Middle Eastern population, in the midst of which a state for the Jewish people was established.

Day 50 of the war with Hamas

A day in the life of an Israeli citizen living on the border with Gaza.

Keeping Hamas at bay

While the Israeli motivation has been reduced to nothing more than an aggressive hunger for more Palestinian land or a desire to kill Palestinians, what both the Hamas and the Israeli leaderships are saying and actually doing, is being ignored.

My enemy this month is the Hamas organization in Gaza

Though my writing is an intellectual exercise, the war itself has been a very real thing. Tomorrow, as the representative of my village, I will be attending the funeral of a twenty-two year old officer severely wounded two days ago.

Operation Firm Cliff and another point of view

Pro-Palestinian articles complain about the lopsided score of casualties. There just don’t seem to be enough dead Israelis to suit the sensibilities of these humanitarians.

The Pope’s visit to Israel

It is a historic moment, a kind of closing of a circle that 110 years after one Pope answered Theodor Herzl “non possumus” to a request for Vatican support, another Pope has chosen to visit and place a wreath on Herzl’s tomb in Jerusalem.

Some thoughts prompted by the celebration of Israel Independence Day

Citizens of the State of Israel celebrated their anniversary of independence on 6 May 2014. After the celebrations, the author responds to three articles recently published on openDemocracy, explaining why any proposal to close down the Palestinian Authority must sound totally illogical to Israeli ears.

The modern lesson of matza

A question asked on the radio impels the author to ponder about the absense of peace demonstrations in Israel, Netanyahu's and Abbas' visits to the White House and why matza is what it is.

An excursion to Wadi Ara

I came away from this trip with a lot of food for thought. One thing for sure, the situation of the Israeli Arab community in Wadi Ara is much more complex than I had imagined.

On the Darom Adom Festival and politics

Thousands flock to the south of Israel to see the red anemone flowers in blossom, while the author observes the rise of Avigdor Lieberman, a serious contender to be a future Israeli Prime Minister.

Reveries of an English teacher on vacation

As discussions of the pros and cons of the ASA boycott continue, a historic leader's life comes to an end. Efraim shares his experiences as an English teacher and farmer, and remembers when Ariel Sharon paid a visit to his home.

It's raining, it's pouring and a book review

Days after the Jordan, Israel and Palestine water agreement is signed, rain falls in abundance. Efraim shares his experience in the Negev and how he took advantage of the time spent in confinement to read "The Dictators Handbook".

The 'weaponization' of human rights

Most human rights organizations who have taken a negative position on the Prawer plan have done so, not because they wish to advance Bedouin human rights but rather because they have become enmeshed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and are using human rights issues as weapons in that conflict.

Thick walls and bullet proof windows

The whole structure is designed to look like any other building both outside and inside.The goal was to give the client a sense of security without giving them the feeling that they were in a bunker.

Death and remembrance

A week that begins with the death of a former Israeli Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and ends with the gathering of thousands to commemorate the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin 18 years ago.

My neighbourhood and its impact on world affairs

A new contributor to This Week's Window on the Middle East often takes visitors around his neighbourhood to show off some of the more interesting sites; from the ancient Synagogue of Maon to Kerem Shalom and the Halutza settlements.

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