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Elfadil Ibrahim is a writer and Law lecturer.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sudan and the uphill war on inflation: context and bleak prospects

It is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine the continuity of the NCP leadership in the face of sustained economic deterioration.

Political Islam in Sudan: pragmatism or principle?

The Sudanese Islamic Movement (SIM) has lost much legitimacy with the Sudanese people and its own party officials. How has this come to be and can an Islamic spiritual movement be both political and partisan?

The battle for Heglig and the elephant in the room

The hostility between South Sudan and Sudan over Heglig is symptom of the larger unresolved issues between the two states. The CPA established a fragile peace which secession has not strengthened.

The US needs to rethink its strategy with Sudan

After the secession of South Sudan the Sudanese ruling National Congress Party seeks to strengthen ties with the United States and the west. Any attempt to reform the NCP will fail for now so Washington has no choice but to re-engage with the regime in Khartoum

How genocide denial legislation confuses law and history

Denial of genocide is not always tantamount to a refutation of the fact that a morally untenable event has taken place. Before we can properly discuss the criminalization of genocide denial, it is important to reach a clear understanding of what constitutes a genocide

The death of Khalil Ibrahim: what it doesn't mean for peace in Darfur

The likely future of the JEM without Khalil Ibrahim is fragmentation and eventual disintegration

The question of identity revisited: the challenge of nation-building in the new South Sudan

The ability to allow an inclusive social fabric to flourish will determine the success of the new state.

Why the ‘Arab Spring’ hasn’t reached Sudan

What is it about the nation in Libya and Egypt’s own backyards, which in the face of poorer and worsening conditions, continues to be characterised by a culture of complacency?
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