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About Elkhan Nuriyev

Elkhan Nuriyev is a Counsellor and Advisory Board Member at the Caucasus Institute for Democratic Integration in Tbilisi, Georgia. He previously worked as a Strategic Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan (2008-2011), and after his resignation, he was a Humboldt Senior Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations in 2011.

Articles by Elkhan Nuriyev

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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Azerbaijan: the geopolitical conundrum


The recent Eurovision song contest catapulted Azerbaijan into world news and focused attention on its internal problems. But foreign policy issues are a cause of considerable concern too. The country is caught in between Iran, Russia and the West and finding a way to meet the needs of all of them is going to be extremely difficult, says Elkhan Nuriyev.

Putin’s plan for Russia’s neighbours - a Eurasian Union

With the current focus on policy interactions between Russia, the US and the EU in the post-Soviet space, many wonder what future awaits the countries of the former USSR after Vladimir Putin’s re-ascension to the Russian presidency in the 4th March election. One question is whether Putin will succeed in shaping a new, distinctive strategic space with the curious name of ‘the Eurasian Union.’ Elkhan Nuriyev discusses its implications.

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