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Ella Milburn is a writer and editor at The State of the Arts.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Grandparents occupying Whitehall department to protest fracking

Today’s protest takes place as the Minister responsible for fracking, Greg Clark, is poised to decide on whether to allow the first new UK fracking to commence since 2011.

Christian ‘legal army’ in hundreds of court battles worldwide

Women’s rights advocates say controversial US legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom is ‘exporting extreme ideologies worldwide’ against sexual and reproductive rights.

Can a feminist tech collective help end the silence around LGBTQ+ domestic abuse?

The Supernova Project is a new online platform that aims to provide crucial information and support to those in queer relationships.

“What is democracy if it doesn’t lead to development for the people?”

Resisting a “deconsolidation of democracy” requires attendance to the specific needs of individual contexts, taking people out of poverty and centring the underserved majorities of women and the young.

Foto ensayo: las protestas de las mujeres en todo el mundo

Las marchas de mujeres contra Trump pusieron a las protestas femeninas en el centro de atención en 2017. Aquí hay otras 7 matifestaciones recientes de mujeres que no generaron tanta cobertura (+  2 históricas del Reino Unido que sí). English

Photo essay: women's protests around the world

Anti-Trump women's marches put women's protest in the spotlight in 2017. Here are seven other recent women's demonstrations that didn't generate as much coverage (plus two historic UK ones that did).

Memory Exercises

In his film Memory Exercises, Paz Encina hones in on the life of Doctor Agustín Goiburú, one of Paraguay's many 'desaparecidos', piecing together voice recordings – notes of memory – that begin to grapple with the past.

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