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Eric Randolph obtained an MA in International Relations from Kings College.He is currently an editorial intern at terrorism.openDemocracy.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Contest and cohesion

Eric Randolph specialises in insurgency and is an editor at a defence analysis firm and London Editor at Complex Terrain Lab.The government released its updated counter-terrorism strategy, Contest Two, on 24 March. Last week, its continued relevance was demonstrated by the arrests of 12 people in Manchester, Liverpool and Lancashire, apparently on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist plot against major civilian targets. The news that 11 were Pakistani nationals who entered the UK on student visas has led the media to argue that the terrorist profile has changed once again – that the age of homegrown terrorism is being replaced by foreign cells entering the UK to carry out attacks orchestrated from abroad. The government no doubt enjoys the argument that the effectiveness of its counter-terrorism policy has forced a change of tactics on the part of global jihadists. However, the UK remains at such high risk precisely because of its involvement in overseas counter-terrorism operations, and because of the continued existence of jihadist sympathisers in the UK who provide an environment in which foreign terrorist cells are able to blend.

India and Afghanistan pledge alliance against terror

Indian PM vows friendship will not be broken by recent attacks and offers another $450 million in a veiled warning to Pakistan's rogue intelligence services. The spiritual leader of Indonesia's leading jihadi organisation resigns from his post. Questions remain over the assassination of a top Syrian general. And much more in today's security briefing.

Worst breach yet of Kashmir ceasefire

Pakistani and Indian soldiers wage 12 hour gun battle across disputed border, in a week that has shown the troubling range of risks facing Indian security. Palestinian human rights group reports incidents of torture and political arrests by rival security forces. PKK denies responsibility for Istanbul bombs. And much more in today's security briefing.

Suicide bombers kill 28 Iraqi army hopefuls

The attackers that killed 28 people at an army recruitment centre in Iraq are testament to the continued scale of task ahead. Video footage of a Guantanamo interrogation has been released for the first time. The prisoner exchange is set to go ahead between Israel and Hezbollah. And much more in today's security briefing.

Paramilitary offensive shakes Pakistan’s tribal belt

Pakistani paramilitaries face mounting crisis in the restless northwest. Abkhaz rebels shut the border with Georgia following bomb attack. Abu Ghraib inmates sue military contractors over torture claims. And much more in today's security briefing.

Nigeria oil rebels call ceasefire

Nigeria's oil rebels announce a surprise ceasefire just days after their most audacious attack to date. Somalia is named the world's most unstable country. The alleged creator of the "hi-fi digimonster" goes on trial in Canada, and much more in today's security briefing.

Taliban prepare attack on Kandahar

A strengthened Taliban seize villages on the outskirts of Kandahar as the British government pledges more troops to the embattled country. Niger Delta oil rebels refuse to take part in peace summit. Chadian insurgents make major advances amid fierce fighting. And much more in today's security briefing.

Leaked report maps growing crisis in Afghanistan

As the British death toll in Afghanistan passes one hundred, a leaked report warns of empowered insurgency and drug trade. Islamists impatient for sharia law in Gaza a year into Hamas rule. Somali truce unlikely to stop the hardliners. And much more in today's security briefing.

Peace deal reached in Abyei

Can a peace deal in Sudan halt the slide back to civil war? A leaked report reveals Pakistan's role in escalating terrorism in India. Chavez calls on FARC to lay down their weapons. Syria-Iran talks pose threat to Israel. And much more in today's security briefing.

Bangladesh approves tough new terror laws

Death penalty for terrorists in Bangladesh. NWFP strikes sharia law deal with Taliban. Karzai admits dirty deals necessary to peace in Afghanistan. The return of the Shining Path. And much more in today's security briefing.

"No solution but war" in Somalia

Islamist leader claims Somalia's peace process doomed. Cautious welcome for Syria-Israel talks. ICG report says Philippines insurgency risks reigniting. Bombs rock Nepalese constitution process. And more in today's security briefing.

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