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Ernesto Gallo is a scholar of international relations. Many of his articles are published on Giovine Europa Now

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Towards right and left 2.0?

The ‘Left’ will stand a chance if it relaunches an agenda of social rights and supranationalism. After all, they are the most logical responses to neoliberalism and nationalism.

Goodbye WTO?

The WTO has to be reformed and updated, not discarded. And the EU should play its part, while at the same time promoting its own industrial growth.

America first! Trump’s foreign policy

On the one hand, the Trump administration aims at strengthening the US economy and armed forces; on the other, it intends to turn its back on the rest of the world.

Childless proletarians: ten years after the ‘great recession’, would you start from here?

Far-right populism, with its emphasis on nationalism, cultural ‘purity’, anti-immigration, and security, might become a much stronger catalyser of votes, even where this has not yet happened.

The eternal Chancellor

Is Germany ready for a new ‘social contract’, more adequate to the global age? Or does it want to continue under the comfortable protection of a reassuring Mutti?

Democracy in the age of Macron

What European democracies have lacked most, since at least the 1980s, is high-profile political vision.

The choice: democracy caught between nationalism and federalism

The forthcoming elections, in France, Germany, and elsewhere, will mark a watershed. It is a time for choices to be made.

US elections: is democracy down and out?

With populist parties spouting anti-political sentiment on the rise in Europe and elsewhere, is Trump’s success merely part of a wider crisis of democracy?

Trumped democracy?

It is time politicians talk straight and on important topics. Otherwise, there will be more space for Citizen Trump and the like.

To be a terrorist now

The who, what and why of terrorism are not easy to grasp. But in today's ISIS-centred war, enough is known to map the interests and choices involved.

Greek and European paradoxes

Europe's handling of Greece reveals the crisis of its own project, which is even more serious in the context of accelerating global changes. 

Cameron’s victory in a (dis-) United Kingdom

The Conservatives' surprise but qualified win exposes the deep problems facing the country over the coming years. 

A crisis of ends: Kees van der Pijl interviewed

In a wide-ranging discussion, Kees van der Pijl delves into the interplay of power and economics in an era of "authoritarian capitalism".

Frankfurt-Moscow: a new Ostpolitik?

Europe and Russia share economic problems but also interests. A merged superbourse can be a giant step towards the future.

A new, Eurasian, world order

China and Russia are at the heart of the world's shifting power-balance. But current cooperation between them is likely to give way to tension.

Europe freezes, Eurasia pivots

Behind the crisis in Ukraine lie deeper changes that are transforming the global economic and and political order, say Giovanni Bavia & Ernesto Gallo.

America's chimerical pivot

The United States's shift towards Asia is being tested by global economic realities, say Ernesto Gallo & Giovanni Biava.

Democracy in the "Asian century"

A shift of global power to the east exposes the west's domestic as well as international weaknesses, say Ernesto Gallo & Giovanni Biava.

Democracy in credit: new agency, new order

The formation of a non-western credit-ratings agency is an important sign of the global power-shift, say Ernesto Gallo & Giovanni Biava.

Western democracy: decline and...

The slow withering of politics and democracy in the western world is reaching a point of crisis. Ernesto Gallo and Giovanni Biava offer a diagnosis and a series of remedies.

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