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About Esmé Madill

Esmé Madill, Justice First Fellow trainee solicitor at MiCLU (the Migrant and Refugee Children's Legal Unit at Islington Law Centre) works in partnership with Shpresa Programme.

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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Home Office fails Albanian child refugees

One Saturday at a London drop-in for children fleeing crime gangs and blood feuds.

Bahraini torture survivor resists deportation from Britain

Regardless of the regime's record of arbitrary arrest and torture, the UK Home Office is pursuing the deportation of a 19 year old democracy protestor back to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Britain too soft on migrants? Three families in York, Christmas 2013

Government and right wing tabloids insist that Britain is too soft on migrants and life must get harder for them. For many, life is hard enough.

Yorkshire community defends kidney-transplant patient from deportation and death

The UK immigration authorities have hounded an ill woman for years. They claim she is a health tourist. Her doctors confirm that she is not. On Thursday Roseline Akhalu yet again faces her accusers in court. Friends, neighbours and actor Colin Firth lend support.

Home Secretary, please call off the attack on kidney patient Roseline Akhalu

If Theresa May wins her legal battle to have a Leeds transplant patient deported to Nigeria, Roseline Akhalu dies. If Roseline wins, where is the harm?

Kidney transplant case signals deep flaws in UK immigration policy and practice

Home Secretary Theresa May’s relentless pursuit of kidney transplant patient Roseline Akhalu is one more sign of crisis within the Home Office and its UK Border Agency. A supporter of Akhalu writes.

A nation’s decency put to the test: decision due on transplant patient’s perilous removal to Nigeria

The NHS saved Roseline Akhalu's life. The Home Secretary is about to determine whether the Border Agency may end it.

UK court halts kidney-transplant patient’s deportation, and Colin Firth lends support

One arm of the state, the NHS, saves Roseline Akhalu's life. Another, the UK Border Agency, threatens to end it.

Roseline’s journey: a kidney transplant patient meets UK Border Agency contractors

Kidney transplant patient Roseline Akhalu was detained by the UK immigration authorities for the second time on Wednesday 16 May and is at risk of deportation to Nigeria where, doctors warn, she will die if she cannot afford medical care. This is Roseline’s account of her first detention in March when, she claims, Border Agency contractors subjected her to cruel and degrading treatment.

My Mum’s encounter with the ‘enemies of enterprise’: let's fight to save the NHS

The everyday heroes of the NHS don't get a mention in the government's rhetoric on 'enterprise' and 'modernising the health service'. But these are the people we can trust to keep us healthy and safe.

Britain's host community: who’s in and who’s out?

Esme Madill, a consultant in the not for profit sector, spoke last night at a celebration of a London project for Somali children. She asked, if Cameron is calling on us to defend the values of the host community, who is part of this group? Can we have too many community groups, or too much culture?

Cameron is cutting the very projects that make Britain a civilised society.

Esmé Madill tells of small charities that make a huge difference to some of the most vulnerable, and whose existence is imperilled by the cuts.

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