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About Esther Kersley

Esther Kersley is the Research and Communications Officer on the Remote Control project. The project, hosted by Oxford Research Group, examines changes in military engagement, in particular the use of drones, special forces, private military and security companies, cyber warfare and surveillance. She also edits the Remote Warfare Blog, which is currently running a series on remote warfare and the ‘war on drugs’. Follow the project on Twitter: @RemoteCtrl


Articles by Esther Kersley

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Drones, drugs and death

The war on terror’s methods of mass surveillance and remote warfare are not unique. The US is also addicted to covert tools in its ‘war on drugs’, with disastrous consequences.

Learning the lessons: 11 years of drones in Pakistan

The case of Pakistan, after a decade long drone war, shows how the appeal of drones as a “cost free” form of warfare is misguided.

The cooling wars of cyber space in a remote era

Hyperbolic language used to describe the potential consequences of cyber attacks has contributed to the ‘securitisation’ of the debate around cyber security issues. Increased transparency and accurate information is essential.

Pakistan: the decade of drones

Drones may offer an appealing alternative to the US after Iraq and Afghanistan but they don’t provide genuine security.

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