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Eunice Goes is Professor of Politics at Richmond University. Twitter: @eugoes

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Portugal’s eurozone reform proposals can renew social democracy

Adding a surgically applied layer of European Keynesianism to the euro’s ordoliberal rules at once offers a solution to Eurozone troubles and throws a lifeline to European social democracy.

Portugal and the eurozone crisis: the well-behaved pupil plays truant

The people have finally realised that the troika-imposed austerity is not working in Portugal. In fact, the austerity packages are not working in Ireland (another good pupil of the troika), or in Greece, or Spain, or Italy.

Europe and its myopic leaders

Europe’s leaders are reversing their historically generous role in assisting countries out of criminality and fascism. What we are seeing now therefore strikes at the heart of the European project not just the euro.

The laws of coalition government and how London is breaking them

The European experience of coalition government is being defied in Westminster, instead of respecting its spirit of consensus and compromise it is being used to legitimate a re-run of the curse of the UK: elected dictatorship

Portugal: a media story

A change in Portugal's media landscape has not been for the better, says Eunice Goes.
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