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About Evgeny Morozov

Evgeny Morozov is author of The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World and runs Foreign Policy's Net Effect blog. He is a visiting scholar at Stanford University and a Schwartz fellow at the New America Foundation.

Articles by Evgeny Morozov

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Digital democracy and technological sovereignty

Panel discussion: what place does technology have in the decline of neoliberalism, and the rise of populism? As social dependency on the Silicon Valley increases, how should we fight for our technological sovereignty? (108 minutes)

The Alternative's alternative

The "Alternative media", an early-adopter of web technologies, has been left behind by the hyper-individualism of citizen journalism's new turns.

Rights to Spore

The controversy about the new computer game Spore reveals the futility of digital rights management

Spore, digital rights, and the future of gaming

The controversy about the new computer game Spore reveals the futilityof its owners' restrictive policy over its use, says Evgeny Morozov.

Citizen war-reporter? The Caucasus test

The Georgia-Russia war has exposed some of the flaws in the idea of citizen journalism, says Evgeny Morozov.

Russia/Georgia: War of the Web

In its war with Georgia, the first truly global user-generated conflict, Russia's digital guerillas have been drafted into a state-waged propaganda war

Russia: ideology becomes a mash-up

Solzhenitsyn's death triggered a battle on the Internet as bloggers rushed to accuse, dismiss him or defend him. The Kremlin has found a powerful propaganda machine for its brand of ambiguous authoritarianism, argues Evgeny Morozov

The right to blog: freedom’s next frontier

A summit on global citizen media highlights the experience of activist bloggers under authoritarian regimes and raises questions about how best to champion their work, says Evgeny Morozov.
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