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About Fabiola Navarro

Fabiola Navarro is a freelance social science researcher, living in Mexico. She is currently working on a post-doctoral project at the Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires Démocratie, Institutions, Subjectivité (CriDiS-UCL) in Belgium and Oaxaca.

Fabiola Navarro, es freelance en Investigación en Ciencias Sociales. Post doctorante del Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires Démocratie, Institutions, Subjetivité (CriDiS-UCL) en Bélgica y Oaxaca.

Articles by Fabiola Navarro

This week’s front page editor

Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Democracy in dispute. An interview with Boaventura de Sousa Santos

In Latin America, oligarchies and advanced sectors of the highly internationalized industrial and financial bourgeoisie, lost much governmental political power, but instead saw their economic power increased. Español

La democracia en disputa. Una entrevista con Boaventura de Sousa Santos

En Latinoamérica, las oligarquías y la burguesía industrial/financiera altamente internacionalizada perdieron buena parte del poder político gubernamental. Pero, a cambio,vieron incrementado su poder económico. English

The battle for neoliberal hegemony: an interview with Nancy Fraser

The conditions of working-class people in the global north are converging with the conditions of the global south.

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