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About Fabrizio Tassinari

Fabrizio Tassinari is Head of Foreign Policy at the Danish Institute for International Studies and Senior non-resident Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Berlin. He is working on a book on the Scandinavian model and the future of the west. 

Articles by Fabrizio Tassinari

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The same creed: a conversation about Scandinavian democracy with Bo Lidegaard

"In my eyes, there is nothing in the Scandinavia model that suggests that we cannot compete. Actually, there is a lot to suggest that we are the most competitive social model on earth". Interview.

The torch and the spotlight

While in antiquity the Olympic truce suspended wars and allowed people to travel safely, in the modern era it has worked more frequently the other way round: politics has muscled its way into sports.

Denmark, the imperfect Europhile

Is an EU based on accommodating differences and allowing exemptions suited to bring Europe out of the crisis? A good answer may come from Denmark.

Tunisia: wasn’t this what we hoped for?

Following the successful revolution of January 2011, Tunisia has begun to rebuild itself. There are many challenges still to be faced however, amongst them the re-emergence of the Islamist movement, Hizb al-Nahda.

Calling Europe's bluff in north Africa

Europe has taken too little interest in the political path of its southern neighbours, argues Fabrizio Tassinari.

Partners in pragmatism: Why the EU should give a little to take a lot

The EU has missed a trick or two in grasping Russia's foreign policy potential, says Fabrizio Tassinari. If they returned to an approach of pragmatic tit-for-tat, the Europeans would have a far better chance of achieving their broader policy goals.

Europe's butterfly effect

Amid an increasingly competitive global environment where Europe's future aspirations on the world stage have been questioned, Fabrizio Tassinari argues that focusing on the finer issues could help Europe to colour the bigger picture.

Europe's role in losing Ukraine

On the eve of the crucial run-off in Ukraine's presidential election, Fabrizio Tassinari argues that enlargement fatigue in the EU has meant that since the Orange Revolution Ukraine has been offered no real prospect of joining Europe
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