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About Federico Finchelstein

Federico Finchelstein is professor of history at the New School in New York City. His new book is From Fascism to Populism in History (University of California Press, 2017). His earlier books include Transatlantic Fascism: Ideology, Violence and the Sacred in Argentina and Italy, 1919-1945 (Duke University Press, 2010) , and The Ideological Origins of the Dirty War: Fascism, Populism, and Dictatorship in Twentieth Century Argentina (Oxford University Press, 2014). He contributes to Clarin, the New York Times and other publications.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Del fascismo al populismo. Aclaraciones indispensables

El fascismo no ha muerto, siempre ha estado allí. Pero no es el populismo. No puede utilizarse el término para descalificar sin reparar en las diferencias. Entrevista

Trumpism in Europe's mainstream

European elites criticise Trump yet echo his extremist agenda. As well as hypocritical, this is perilous to democracy.

Resisting Trumpism

How best to oppose fascism and populism? A lesson of history is that the left needs unity and democracy in order to win.

In Trump's America, the independent press would become the enemy

The United States could soon be led by an authoritarian populist who, like his peers in Argentina, Venezuela and Russia, treats free media as something to be crushed.

Trump’s macho populism

Donald Trump's treatment of women is a matter of politics, not just style: rooted in populist and fascist ideas that exalt male power and promote misogyny. Español

Trump y el populismo machista

El trato que Donald Trump dispensa a las mujeres no es un tema de estilo: proviene de ideas populistas y fascistas que exaltan el poder masculino y promueven la misoginia. English

La convención Republicana de Cleveland: una perspectiva histórica

Si Buenos Aires fue la capital mundial del populismo después de 1945, existe una posibilidad real de que Washington se convierta en su capital global en el siglo XXI. English

Cleveland: a historical perspective

The rhetoric that surrounds Donald Trump's convention triumph signals a new phase in the intertwined history of fascism and populism. Español 

Que tipo de mudança na Argentina?

Uma renhida campanha eleitoral e uma segunda volta sem precedentes indicam que um momento histórico está a ter lugar na política Argentina. English. Español.

¿Qué clase de cambio en Argentina?

Una reñida carrera electoral, y una segunda vuelta sin precedentes, indican que un movimiento histórico se está produciendo en la política Argentina. English. Português.

Argentina's election: what kind of change?

A close race and a historic run-off for the presidency are indications of a historic shift in Argentina's politics. Español. Português.

Os populismos latino-americanos perdem popularidade

Desde a Venezuela à Argentina passando pela Bolívia e pelo Equador, um ciclo político dá sinais de esgotamento. Mas as democracias latino-americanas têm recursos suficientes para seguir avançando. English. Español.

Los populismos latinoamericanos pierden popularidad

Desde Venezuela y Argentina hasta Bolivia y Ecuador, un ciclo político da señales de agotamiento. Pero las democracias latinoamericanas tienen recursos suficientes para seguir avanzando. English. Português.

Latin America, the populists vs the people

From Venezuela and Argentina to Bolivia and Ecuador, a political cycle is showing signs of exhaustion. But Latin American democracies have the resources to move beyond it. Español. Português.

Argentina in shock

A mysterious death in Buenos Aires raises questions about the true sources of power inside Argentina's state.  

Argentina vs the international financial system

The extended legal fallout of Argentina's default in 2001 is reaching a crucial stage, with realism now at a premium.

Argentina: militarism vs democracy

The promotion of an army general accused of complicity in human-rights violations raises a wider question about the military's role in Argentina's political life, say Federico Finchelstein & Fabian Bosoer.

Venezuela: legacy of populist revolution

The transition of power in Venezuela raises the question of how populism and democratic institution-building can coexist. This has a wider relevance across Latin America, say Fabian Bosoer & Federico Finchelstein.

Hugo Chávez's afterlife: three scenarios

The death of Venezuela's president raises the question of his place in the labyrinth of Latin American populism, say Fabián Bosoer & Federico Finchelstein

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