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About Firdevs Robinson

Firdevs Robinson is a London-based journalist, broadcaster and commentator specializing on Turkey, the Middle East, Caucasus  and Freedom of the Media. Her blog is here.


Articles by Firdevs Robinson

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Politics in Turkey is seldom what it seems

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu hinted that the President would be toning down his style of active political leadership and meddling in government. Hours later the President seemed to demur.

Turkey’s politicians should not be let off the hook

It has never been so difficult and risky for a journalist in Turkey to hold their politicians accountable for their actions. Closer scrutiny by our foreign colleagues would go a long way to make up for the growing democracy deficit in our country.

Turkey’s silent minority standing proud for the first time

Ten years of majoritarian style AKP rule has turned Turkey into a polarized country, increasingly torn apart between contrasting worldviews and lifestyles.

Turkey’s Syria quagmire takes a new turn

Among the many questions raised by the recent attack, Turkey has been accused of intentionally neglecting border security to allow the Free Syrian Army and international jihadists to use Turkish soil along the border as a base.

Turkey’s unruly rule of law

After ten years of the aggressive, “Islam and democracy” experiment, Turkey is increasingly being torn apart between contrasting world views and life styles.

Has Turkey reached a dead-end in Syria?

A bomb blast in Cilvegozu confirmed that free passage for arms and fighters across the Syrian border is creating complex spillovers in Turkey. The administration's humanitarian stance has been uncontroversial, but reports that Turkey has encouraged targeted violence in northern Syria illustrate the interests at play.

How close is Turkey to resolving its Kurdish problem?

The most dangerous fall-out of the Syrian civil war in which Turkey also played a significant role seems to be resurgence of the PKK.

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