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About Francisco E. Thoumi

Francisco E. Thoumi is coeditor of Razón Pública ( and author of several volumes on the illegal drug industry in developing countries. He is a former research coordinator at the UN Global Programme against Money Laundering.

Articles by Francisco E. Thoumi

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The US incapacity to enforce federal drug laws - and the global consequences

The US drug policy is changing, pitting states against federal law. This essay explores this inner friction of contradictory drug legislation, and what it may mean for the international drug control regime, itself a result of US drug policy. (4,400 words)

Killing time in Medellin

After a few years of relative peace under the rule of a mafia boss, the Colombian city of Medellín, birthplace of the first great narco-trafficking cartel, has seen violent crime soar once again. The culprits are from a new generation of urban youth specializing in protection rackets, drug sales and assassinations
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