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About Franck Düvell

Franck Düvell, PhD, is Associate Professor and Senior Researcher at COMPAS, University of Oxford, primarily working on migration, its drivers and migration policy in the EU and its neighbourhood.

Articles by Franck Düvell

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Does Turkey’s ongoing purge resemble the 1933 Enabling Act in Nazi Germany?

In both cases, through democratic processes authoritarian rule is imposed on a previously fairly democratic country.

The globalisation of migration control

A truly liberal approach to migration includes the right to exit and to enter - anything restricting these rights should only be seen as tyranny. [Reposted from openDemocracy, June 2003]

Romanian and Bulgarian migration to Britain: facts behind the fear

Is Britain on the verge of another mass-migration, as with the Poles? Behind the rhetoric on Romanians and Bulgarians set to flood the country, sucking up jobs and benefits, the actual expected impact of the lifted restrictions has gone unspoken.

The globalisation of migration control

As migration increases around the world, both international organisations and states seek tighter regulation and control over workers, asylum-seekers, and refugees. These forceful attempts to manage free movement in the interests of economic growth and social engineering inspire in response a radical defence of global social justice and equality – and an end to all restrictions on migration.
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