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About Funda Ustek

Funda Ustek is a PhD candidate at University of Oxford, where she researches female informal employment in Turkey. 

Articles by Funda Ustek

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The inconvenient truth about child brides

It is easy for states to ratify all the necessary conventions and take all the necessary legal steps in outlawing child marriages. However, it is the very social system that produces child brides that should be put under investigation.

Extreme measures: invoking moral order in Turkey

While our fingers point at cohabitation and house sharing, and our minds are troubled by the imposition of a particular lifestyle, we tend to overlook a larger project of social restructuring.

Mayor of Ankara: the diary of a troll

Soon after PM Erdogan`s comment on Twitter, detentions started for users who shared comments critical of the government or the police

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