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About Gail Pheterson

Gail Pheterson is currently Associate Professor [Maître de conférences] of social psychology, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France, and Researcher at the Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris, CNRS/University Paris 8. In alliance with sex workers, she organised the International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights and the World Whores' Congresses in 1985-86. She is editor of A Vindication of the Rights of Whores, and author of The Prostitution Prism and Femmes en flagrant délit d'indépendance.

Articles by Gail Pheterson

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

At long last, listen to the women!

State entrapment, extortion, imprisonment and slander sharpen the consciousness of sex workers who denounce anti-prostitution, anti-pimping and anti-trafficking policies invariably used to repress women and undermine feminist liberation struggles.

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