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About Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli

Gaja is the Mediterranean Fellow for the Atlantic Treaty in Association in Brussels, Belgium. Previously she worked for the European Commission as communications officer. She combines news articles for Corriere della Sera, France24 Observers, with radio shows and interviews, e.g. from Cuba with Polito Torres, the revolutionary and friend of Che Guevara, to New York at the Ground Zero mosque/community center. She holds a Master's degree in Economic History from the London School of Economics.

Articles by Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Speak softly but carry a big stick: India’s Pink Sari revolution

While the group uses reason and dialogue to act as mediator in domestic disagreements, in some cases however, the women have resorted to use of the lathis when the offenders refuse to listen.

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