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About Gavin Kelly

Gavin Kelly is chief executive of the Resolution Foundation, a former Deputy Chief of Staff at 10 Downing Street and member of the council of economic advisers at the Treasury. Twitter: @GavinJKelly1

Articles by Gavin Kelly

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The sticking power of false narrative

Real shifts are staring us in the face — they just tend not to be the ones we so often hear about.

Credit where it's due? How to reform and make the most out of Universal Credit

We can radically improve Universal Credit so it speaks directly to today’s social evils.

Where next for the national minimum wage?

The recent rise in the minimum wage restores it to where it was in 2005. As more and more workers sit on this baseline, where next?

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