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Gerry Hassan is Research Fellow in cultural policy at the University of the West of Scotland who has recently been awarded his PhD on political and cultural contemporary debate in the public sphere of Scotland. Gerry is the author and editor of numerous books including ‘The Strange Death of Labour Scotland’ and the just published 'After Independence' (co-edited with James Mitchell). His most recent books are 'Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland' and the just published 'Independence of the Scottish Mind: Elite Narratives, Public Spaces and the Making of a Modern Nation'.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The tartan tsunami and how It will change Scotland and the UK for good

As Britain faces a general election, it's clearer than ever that Scotland is a completely different country.

Message to the messengers part two: where next after the indy referendum?

'Scotland’s radicals need to take a long view in these heady times, and chart a different path and culture of political change, which contributes to making Scotland’s second ‘long revolution’.'

Message to the Messengers: What do we do after Yes?

Yes campaigners should stop believing their own spin, and engage with the realities of a Scotland which voted no.

What kind of Scotland do Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP want?

Post-referendum plenty of big questions remain to be answered.

Scottish Labour: the never-ending soap opera that matters

The crisis in Scottish Labour has been long in the making, and needs to address its root.

When Britannia ruled the waves - the politics of a cruise

10 days on a cruise ship offers some interesting perspectives on British politics.

We are one Scotland: anatomy of a referendum

The independence referendum shows a need in Scotland to reach out.

Britain is on borrowed time: the future of Scottish independence

The British state has bought itself some precious time. If it does not use it wisely, this debate will be back in a decade and Scotland will produce a second referendum.

A journey into the world of George Galloway: the indyref and the limits of left populism

At a public meeting in Portobello, a grumpy George Galloway couldn't get his basic facts right...

The power and absence of doubt in the nationalist independence cause

The idea of independence has already won. A show of doubt and an acknowledgement of risk would reassure, not deter, wavering voters.

The strange death of liberal England continued

Could the referendum prove a transformative moment for liberal England's understanding of British politics?

A letter to Scotland’s new radicals: the opportunities and dangers of the independence debate

The radical left has grown hugely in Scotland, and it is important that they don't get too caught up in their own myth-making.

What do we do we do about the United Kingdom? And why federalism isn’t the answer

Federalism may sound like a nice idea, but it isn't the answer.

A Scotland beyond yes and no: my journey to yes

Ultimately, independence is about democracy, taking responsibility, and looking forwards, but that doesn't mean we should pretend it's simple.

Why the Nazis and 1930s are alive and kicking in the independence debate

Ever more attempts to link the SNP to fascism and Nazism are a ludicrous sign of desperation.

The BBC and the referendum

BBC Scotland is having a bad referendum - and things just got worse.

How fewer than 200,000 Scots could decide the referendum: your cut out and paste guide to the independence result

If the Scottish independence referendum is close, it will swing on the voters too long ignored. That prospect alone could change Scotland.

The age of rage and the importance of opposition - in Europe, UK and Scotland

Political and economic elites have failed throughout Europe and anyone who can pose as genuine opposition is set to reap the benefits.

What does the rise of Ukip mean for Scottish and British politics?

A new national pastime now exists thanks to the existence and rise of Ukip. But even if they win the Euro elections we must be careful in which conclusions we draw, particularly in Scotland.

Can Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Labour save the union?

The intervention of Gordon Brown into the independence debate raises important questions for the Labour party.

Why Better Together are slowly losing the argument and Scotland

The Better Together campaign is in real trouble

Sceptical Scotland needs to be listened to and respected

We need to respect the real concerns of the different peoples of Scotland.

Scotland’s constitution and the strange non-death of ‘Civic Scotland’

If Scotland is to have a new constitution, let's it be written in a way which empowers the people, not the Civic Scotland of old.

The strange story of Scottish Labour, unloved and misunderstood

Scottish Labour isn't the selfish beast some make it out to be, but it has lost its way in a devolved Scotland.

The big question: who ‘lost’ Scotland?

Whatever the result of the referendum, the idea of independence has been normalised, with even Better Together failing to make the case for the union. In a sense, Scotland has already been 'lost'. How has this happened?

BBC and STV are falling short in Scotland’s great debate

As the referendum approaches in Scotland, both BBC Scotland and STV are failing to facilitate the national debate as well as is needed.

The birth pains of Scottish democracy and the anguish of ‘posh Scotland’

Hugo Rifkind has called on posh Scots to speak out in the independence debate, but it's not their voices that are missing.

The land of the living dead: Jeremy Paxman and Max Hasting’s Britain

Britain's elite is telling misleading stories about its noble history because for the majority of British people there is little hope for the future.

The political storm over Scotland’s currency

What can be learnt from the recent intervention of George Osborne, and why Westminster continues to inadvertently undermine the case for union.

The battle for Britain and why Alex Salmond and Independence has already won

Even if the vote is a No, independence is now a firm and plausible option which won't go away.

The empathy gap: divided Scotland and the problem of fantasyland Britain

The inflammatory and absurd rhetoric of the London political elite is a good example of why the vote should be a Yes.

The art of living together and the art of dying

Scotland needs to grow its democratic culture - and the independence debate is helping it do just that.

Be clear who Britain is great for

Whilst campaigners against Scottish independence like to romanticise Britain, Britain is not the greatest political union in the world, and has failed most of the people who live here. It's important to break free of the myths.

The problem of patriotism and the left

The Guardian editor being asked if he loves his country highlights how much of a problem the British left has with patriotism. With Scottish and EU questions being posed, this problem is coming to a head.

A different Scotland is happening

The independence debate has come sooner than anyone is expecting, and it is changing Scotland.

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