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About Giota Alevizou

Giota Alevizou is a Lecturer and Research Fellow in Digital Cultures and Citizenship at The Open University. She is interested in Urban Media Ecologies, Creative Civic Activism and the intersections of social media, knowledge and networked learning. She has recently co-authored The Creative Citizen Unbound (Policy Press, 2016) and is finalising a monograph, The Webs of Knowledge in the Digital Age (Polity, 2019).

Giota is a guest editor for the editorial partnership, 'Who are 'we' in a moving world?'. The Open University is one of the Tate Exchange Associates who programmed the week of events ‘Who Are We?’.

Articles by Giota Alevizou

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

One day without us: mining Twitter, framing solidarity

Expressions of migrant solidarity through the #1DayWithoutUs campaign sought to counterbalance xenophobic sentiments, offering a multiplicity of migrant voices and experiences in the UK today. 

Arts, participation, exchange: who are 'we' in a moving world?

Can politics be more artful and art be more political? Here, we ask if art and digital communication can create new ways to talk about belonging, exclusion and responsibility.

Mashing up the Union Jack

Can Gil Doron’s intriguing proposals to remix different heritages in a national flag aid processes of cultural syncretism?

Beyond the babble: social broadcasting and digital citizenship

The expression of emotion is key to the spread of declarations online. But can online identities really address the difficult political realities of migration?

Austerity and the mediated networks of solidarity in Greece

An aura of political creativity and a sense of ‘media justice’ have emerged in Greece; evolving communication practices have shaped the nature and character of solidarity.

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