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About Giuseppe Lenzo

Giuseppe Lenzo has an MA in International Relations from the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University (UK). He has joined and arranged EU-funded international projects and he has also been educated in Italy and Spain. He has published commentaries about Italian politics and European affairs on university papers, online magazines and blogs in the UK and Italy.

Articles by Giuseppe Lenzo

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

An Italian election race between bank scandals and ambitious pledges

If they are anything like what has happened so far, we can expect the last two weeks before the Italian elections to be eventful, and full of surprises.

2013 Italy elections: no winner, only losers

The run-up to the next national elections in Italy (to be held on 24/25 February) is marked by two trends that have already troubled the country's political life in the past years: fragmentation and political instability.

The Sicilian blow to Italian politics

Nearly 20 percent of Sicily’s electorate voted for Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S) – an alternative “clean hands” party that has recently gained momentum in Italian politics. Their candidate, the comedian and blogger Giancarlo Cancelleri, seduced Sicilian voters with a fresh - and anti-establishment - approach to politics.

They all want Monti longer... because they all fear Beppe Grillo's revolution!

In Italy, a consensus is slowly building around a second term for Mario Monti's technocratic government – but could this have less to do with national unity in economically difficult times than with political elites in a last-ditch defence against the threat of Beppe Grillo's populism?

"Italy needs to fail if it wants a better future"

While Mario Monti's government is trying to keep Italy in the Eurozone, Italians show a new interest in political outsiders. The most popular of them, Beppe Grillo, is a 64 years old comedian and activist who wants to shake things up in the Repubblica

The land of lottizzazione and poltrone

Even as the European crisis intensifies, clientelism and corruption continue to dampen Italy’s prospects for development.

Dear Mr. Monti

You have a huge opportunity on your hands: responsibility and social justice can be brought back into the Italian system with sacrifice and good governance. Tackling political salaries and the duopoly of the television networks would be a good start

Italy: faltering legitimacy at the heart of Europe

As Silvio Berlusconi wins another confidence vote to implement austerity measures within a faltering government, his winning slogan, – ‘don't let Government dip its hands in Italian pockets’ – has caved in. There is no plausible replacement strategy.

Beppe Grillo, biggest shake-up in today’s Italy

Beppe Grillo is by far the most original phenomenon of Italy’s immobile and inefficient politics. His personal biography is as compelling as the political ideas he propagates through his blog - the ninth most visited worldwide
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