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Graham is an artist, writer and director of The Create Trust, an NGO he founded in 2006. He has run education projects and teacher training programs in Palestine, India and Ethiopia, where he spent two years working with local groups in Addis Ababa.

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Mariam Ali

Mariam Ali is Associate Editor for openDemocracy's Arab Awakening page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Andargachew Tsige: Ethiopian brutality, British apathy

A UK citizen who was a refugee from the one-party state that is Ethiopia has been spirited back into its clutches. Why is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office doing so little?

Worldwide inequality

The advocates of market fundamentalism have sought to close down totally the intellectual space for enquiry and discourse. But a more just and humane model of development, based on equitable distribution of the world’s resources, is a viable alternative whose time has come.

‘Global woman’: abject poverty or domestic servitude

The widespread abuse suffered by domestic workers calls for the urgent enforcement of proper labour laws, the ratification of ILO convention 189 and fundamental changes in attitudes towards women and children workers, including racism, class/caste and gender prejudice.

Ailing from distorted development: healthcare in India

So where has the growth gone; who is it for? Who has benefited from the ‘economic miracle’? The middle class have become rich; the rich have become super rich: the super rich stellar rich.

Corporate colonisation of new India

Twenty years of corporate colonisation of the Indian countryside has fuelled conflict, forced-urbanisation and the breakdown of the democratic ideal.

Displacement, intimidation and abuse: land loyalties in Ethiopia

Industrialized farming in Ethiopia is far removed from the concerns of local small-scale farmers and traditional pastoralists. Impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and their intense suffering has been the inevitable outcome of military and corporate 'development' plans.

Indian farmers trapped and desperate

A wave of suicides has swept through the Indian farming community in recent years as, driven into heavy debt by deadly competition, many small farmers don't see another way out. A market-fundamentalist Indian government has so far refused to take its responsibilities to stop this growing epidemic.

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