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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Key NHS ‘efficiency’ programme ‘RightCare’ called into question in Liverpool – and elsewhere?

NHS England is promoting ‘RightCare’ as a way for the NHS to deliver still more ‘efficiency savings’. But questions to Liverpool CCG show at least some local NHS managers are well aware of its flaws.

Remembering Sam Semoff – an American in exile fighting to defend the NHS

“No-one – porter, domestic, nurse, medic or Consultant - got within a few feet of Sam in hospital without being asked their attitude to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), or the latest government plans to undermine the NHS."

Beyond fake promises and blind faith, is there a glimmer of hope for post-Brexit NHS politics?

The main 'leave' narrative blamed the wrong people, but people may yet realise they've been duped - and there are some interesting flashpoints ahead.

The NHS is headed for a devolution iceberg - whilst MPs argue about deckchairs

As private firms gather in the Titanic Hotel to discuss the profit opportunities arising from NHS devolution, only a few MPs are raising concerns in parliament about the coming healthcare lottery for the rest of us.

Junior doctors are fighting for the NHS's life - as the Tories try to silence ALL health workers

It's no coincidence that - just as junior doctors gear up for battle to prevent damaging NHS changes - the government is trying to make it virtually impossible for other health workers to do the same in future.

Healthcare in Britain - first they came for the immigrants

NHS and public sector trade unionists speak out in defence of universal health care.

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