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About Grigory Okhotin

Grigory Okhotin is a researcher and independent journalist, and one of the founding members of OVD-Info in Russia.


Articles by Grigory Okhotin

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Crowdfunding to bypass Russia’s civil society crackdown

With heightened restrictions on foreign funding, reporting on the Russian government’s repression requires creative social media projects. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on new business models for human rights. Ру́сский.

Краудфандинг вытягивает российское гражданское общество из нокдауна

Ужесточение ограничений на иностранное финансирование требует от российских проектов, занимающихся мониторингом репрессий, быть все более креативными.  Реплика в дискуссии openGlobalRights по новым бизнес-моделям в области прав человека. English

Arrest and custody, Russian-style

Police custody, violence, trials and imprisonment have been all to common features on the Russian protest landscape since December 2011. A grassroots monitoring project called OVD-info has kept realtime data on the arrests; co-founder Grigory Okhotin shares their findings. 

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