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About Guy Hedgecoe

Guy Hedgecoe is co-editor of the website Iberosphere, which provides news, comment and analysis of Spain and the Iberian world. He was previously editor of the English-language edition of El Pais, and founded and edited the Ecuador Focus weekly bulletin and the Qorreo website

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sortu and ETA: Basque politics, Spanish law

Spain’s supreme court has refused to register a new Basque political party pledged to non-violence, because of its suspected links with the banned terrorist group ETA. But the decision is more complex than it appears, says Guy Hedgecoe.

Spain's politics of memory

The Madrid train-bombings on 11 March 2004 provoked a dignified outpouring of collective grief. But the moment was soon reclaimed by Spain’s enduring political warfare over the national past, says Guy Hedgecoe.

Spain, Europe and the world: Zapatero’s moment

Spain’s tenure of the European Union’s presidency is a rare opportunity for its prime minister to make his mark on the international stage, says Guy Hedgecoe.

ETA and the Basque labyrinth

The Basque paramilitary group ETA is forcing its way back onto Spain's internal-security agenda. Why does a movement whose disappearance is often predicted prove so resilient? Guy Hedgecoe maps the Basque political scene and explores the sources of ETA's endurance.

(This article was first published on 18 August 2009)

Rafael Correa: an Ecuadorian journey

The impressive political rise of Ecuador's economist-turned-president is about to face its greatest test so far, says Guy Hedgecoe.

Ecuador’s hyper-political wave

A decisive win in the constitutional referendum maintains Rafael Correa's political momentum. But the differences as well as the parallels between Ecuador and its radical-led neighbours are important, says Guy Hedgecoe.  

Ecuador’s politics of expectation

Rafael Correa’s second year will test his ability to meet the aspiration to social justice he has aroused, says Guy Hedgecoe.

Ecuador: protest and power

A third Andean republic has voted for a leftwing populist. But Rafael Correa will find it hard to rule a country with a recent history of unseating its presidents, says Guy Hedgecoe.

Ecuador's election surprise

The bursting of Rafael Correa's inflated expectations makes Ecuador's second round contest all the more interesting, writes Guy Hedgecoe.

Ecuador's energy-fuelled politics

Ecuador is a key arena of Latin America's new wave of argument over energy resources and political models, writes Guy Hedgecoe.

Losing Ecuador

The revolt against Ecuador's president, Lucio Gutiérrez, reflects Ecuadorians' democratic aspirations and frustrations alike, writes Guy Hedgecoe. 
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