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About Guy Standing

Dr Guy Standing is Professorial Research Associate, SOAS University of London, Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences, and co-founder and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). Subjects of recent books include basic incomerentier capitalism and the growing precariat.

Articles by Guy Standing

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Don't be fooled: Britain's social ills can definitely be blamed on rising inequality

Why the FT's economics editor is wrong to dismiss concerns about inequality.

How the precariat – and UBI – can stop neoliberalism from destroying the planet

Taxes on exploiting the commons - both exhaustible and non-exhaustible resources - could be used to give people basic financial security.

Basic income: a progressive road out of austerity

Accelerated by austerity’s inequities, the 20th century income distribution system has broken down irretrievably in what is an era of global rentier capitalism. More and more income is flowing to a ...

Why a Job Guarantee is a bad joke for the precariat – and for freedom

From time to time, there is a surge in advocacy of a job guarantee for everyone, or for everyone ‘able to work’. It is happening again, this time from a slew of politicians and social scientists p...

Why the Tories do not believe in free markets

Theresa May told the Bank of England in a speech in September, ‘A free market economy, operating under the right rules and regulations, is the greatest agent of collective human progress ever create...

Why you've never heard of a Charter that's as important as the Magna Carta

The Charter of the Forest was sealed 800 years ago today. Its defence of the property-less and of ‘the commons’, means the Right would prefer to ignore it - and progressives need to celebrate and renew it.

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest

This year is the 800th anniversary of a founding document of the British constitution, and of other constitutions as well. Issued in the name of a ten-year-old King Henry III alongside the modified Ch...

The left must combat rentier capitalism

Old systems of wealth redistribution cannot combat the rise of rentier capitalism. We must find new solutions.

The UK budget: King Canute and the triumph of moralism over morality

George Osborne's emergency budget reveals a government more concerned with moralising than any actual morals.

Let there be a Runnymede Left

As 800th anniversary celebrations loom, it's time for the left to reclaim the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta: what prospects for a Precariat Charter?

The events surrounding the signing of Magna Carta 800 years ago may sound more familiar to readers than they might expect...

Denizens and the Precariat

An extract from Guy Standing's new book, A Precariat Charter, from Bloomsbury, and available here.

Why the precariat is not a “bogus concept”

The precariat, a class-in-the-making, is the first mass class in history that has systematically been losing rights built up for citizens. So, why is it the new dangerous class and how is it differentiated from other class groups in the evolving global labour process?

The Precariat: why it needs deliberative democracy

To arrest the drift to social engineering, the voice of those subject to the steering should be inside the institutions responsible for social policy. This means more than putting token ‘community leaders’ on boards. It must be a collective democratic voice. At present, we see the opposite.

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