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About Hajjarah Nagadya

Hajjarah Nagadya is a young woman living with HIV. She works for the International Community of Women Living with HIV in Eastern Africa. She has served on different committees that have voiced the concerns of women living with HIV, and was formerly a member of the UNAIDS Dialogue Platform for Women Living with HIV.

Articles by Hajjarah Nagadya

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

AIDS targets: the fear factor

HIV is not just a health issue but a multi-sectoral issue that requires many different players. Is the UNAIDS HIV '90-90-90' fast-track initiative in Uganda achievable?

Uganda: the social impact of HIV criminal law

Criminalisation of HIV is unjust, unwise, undermines existing government efforts and is especially damaging to women’s rights, argues Hajjarah Nagadya

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