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About Halil Gurhanli

Halil Gürhanli is a Research Fellow of Political Science and part-time lecturer teaching on populism, democratic theory and Turkish politics at the Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland. Find him on twitter @halilgurhanli

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

To be or not to be: the future of opposition in post-referendum Turkey

In post-referendum Turkey, it is not just Erdoğan and his supporters but the opposition as well who refuse to recognize their adversaries as legitimate – an explosive formula.

Turkish referendum that is not

Even when it is obvious that a given regime is a dictatorship or a particular election an utter sham, one has to act as if it is not in order to reproduce the democratic system.

Turkey’s election failings may lead to yet another legitimacy crisis for Erdoğan

In line with the AKP government’s rudimentary understanding of “democracy” that considers it synonymous with elections, Erdoğan has reiterated countless times that the solution to all problems, including the allegations against his government, lay in that holy of holies: the Ballot Box.

Turkey’s local elections, Erdoğan and the spectre of Gezi

People in Turkey are being forced to see the world as a zero-sum game between Berkin and Burakcan, to embrace one and condemn the other.  Erdoğan is trying his absolute best to pull as many voters as possible into his nightmare where the "terrifying" presence of Gezi  is most deeply felt.

The unbearable burden of being an intellectual in today’s Turkey

The motto 'we will let neither the assailants nor the sufferings they have inflicted upon us determine our future' seems quite fitting for both past and current generations of Turkish thinkers. Is this the only way to keep one’s sanity in an open-air nuthouse?

Can Turkey handle free and fair elections?

The AKP government has been fervently pushing through legislation ahead of crucial local elections in March 2014 with the air of a heavily wounded giant whose actions are not the result of intelligent calculation or rationality so much as an instinct for survival.

Political crisis and the question of rule of law in Turkey

Turkey’s rule of law is under severe strain and its judiciary is no longer independent. Halil Gurhanli explores why fears of a return to military command should not be underestimated amid corruption, escalating authoritarianism and embittered rivalry between the ruling AKP party and the Hizmet Movement

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