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About Hannana Siddiqui

Dr Hannana Siddiqui is a freelance consultant. She works on policy and research for a number of organisations, including Southall Black Sisters and the Angelou Centre. She has written a number of publications on violence against minority women, and co-edited Moving in the Shadows in 2013.

Articles by Hannana Siddiqui

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What will it take to end honour based violence in the UK?

‘Honour killings’ represent the tragic consequences of the failure to tackle honour based violence. Greater state action in supporting black feminist leadership, and ensuring protection and provision is essential.

Calling from the margins: ending child and early forced marriage in the UK

Ending forced marriage and FGM within a generation cannot be done without addressing the harder issues, such as the impact of austerity measures, immigration controls and religious fundamentalisms. Hannana Siddiqui reports on the concerns of BME groups for women following the GIRL Summit last week.

Ending the stark choice: domestic violence or destitution in the UK

The introduction of the Destitution Domestic Violence concession in 2012 giving some migrant victims access to public funds was widely welcomed. However, while many have long waits for benefits, others still do not have a safety net to escape violence.  

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