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About Hassan Masiky

Hassan Masiky is a freelance journalist and former advisor to Amnesty International USA.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Morocco: time for self assessment in the Palace

Amid the tense political environment in Morocco, now is the time for the Palace to assume its responsibility towards the people.

France’s unfinished business in Mali

Terrorism, extremism, and independence were, and remain, marginal nuisances nibbling on the Malian political and security scenes.

Iranian “threat” unites Saudi Arabia and Israel

Obama’s overture to Rouhani is costing the United States the goodwill of some old pro-Washington friends in the Arab world. When Prince Bandar, a close friend of the United States and a trusted adviser to the Saudi King, issues threats, Washington must listen.

A Moroccan view on Catalan independence

Madrid's continued support for the independence movement in the Western Sahara is hypocritical when compared with their attitude towards independence movements closer to home.

Jailing of journalist exposes shortcomings of reforms in Morocco

If the goal of Moroccan officials is to silence Anouzla, their attempts have been fruitless thus far, as more and more activists and international organizations adopt his case and propagate the same articles Moroccans are trying to suppress.

Egypt: military crackdown strengthens local extremist movements

The Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi made many political mistakes during their reign; yet, the Egyptian Military's present campaign will not reverse these errors but rather exacerbate an already grave situation.

Morocco-Spain relations: A new found love

The history of Spanish–Moroccan relations has been defined as one of mutual interests and guarded suspicion. However, Spain’s economic woes and Morocco’s diplomatic needs have led to a marriage of convenience between the two nations.

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