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About Helmut Anheier

Helmut Anheier is professor in the department of social policy at the London School of Economics, and co-editor of the Global Civil Society Yearbook 2003.

Articles by Helmut Anheier

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Poverty and activism: the heart of global civil society

The multiple realities of poverty in India are a key arena where the arguments about global civil society are being tested, say the editors of the new edition of the Global Civil Society Yearbook.  

Global civil society: the politics of a new world?

From Porto Alegre to anti-war movements, 2003 was a tumultuous year of political mobilisation. As the 2004 World Social Forum opens in Mumbai, will “global civil society” build an enduring space in support of a more humane form of globalisation?
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