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About Henry Tam

Henry Tam is a specialist in democratic development. He has been University of Cambridge’s Director of the Forum for Youth Participation & Democracy, and Head of Civil Renewal with the last Labour Government in the UK. His new book, Time to Save Democracy: how to govern ourselves in the age of anti-politics, sets out 40 recommendations for reviving democratic governance, and is available from Policy Press.

Articles by Henry Tam

This week’s front page editor

Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Conservatives have turned universal suffrage into a contest for manipulation. Here’s what we must do.

To cure psuedo-democracy we must address recent abuses that disenfranchise the poor and sow seeds of discord.

Snide & Prejudiced: a tale of constitutional shenanigans

The UK's constitution is being trashed for short-term party political advantage. We need an independent review.

Communitarian governance: a public education challenge

A key goal of public education should be to foster a better understanding of the principles of good governance across all kinds of organisation.

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