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About Hoshang Waziri

Hoshang Waziri is freelance political writer and journalist currently based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. His book, “Between Two Iraqs”, was published by Noon Publishing House in 2014. His writings have appeared in several Arabic newspapers such as al-Hayat, al-Esbuiya, Assafir, and other publications. In addition to his political writings, he has written plays and theatrical essays.

Articles by Hoshang Waziri

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

IS: from a jihadist ideology to a jihadist state, Part 2

A bizarre new Middle East is taking shape. We are now witnessing the disintegration of two countries and the rise of one ruthless caliphate. Part 1

IS: from a jihadist ideology to a jihadist state

The Islamic State was not formed in a vacuum. Rather, the rise of the ruthless caliphate draws straight from the heart of the US-led invasion of Iraq, and the awakening of narrow identities. Part 2

Damascus: beneath the façade

The Syrian capital at first sight offers little sign of the year-long conflict tearing much of the country apart. But a closer look reveals the fractures that are straining its social fabric, says Bushra Saaed.

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