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About Hsiao-Hung Pai

Hsiao-Hung Pai is a journalist and writer, whose website is here. Her next book is Angry White People: Coming Face-to-face with the British Far-right (Zed Books / University of Chicago Press, 2016). Her previous books are Chinese Whispers: The True Story Behind Britain's Hidden Army of Labour (Penguin, 2008), which was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2009; Scattered Sand: The Story of China's Rural Migrants (Verso, 2012); and Invisible: Britain's Migrant Sex Workers (Saqi, 2013).

Hsiao-Hung Pai's work appears in the Guardian, where she reported the Morecambe cockle-picking tragedy, and other publications. Her undercover investigation on undocumented Chinese migrants was the basis for Nick Broomfield’s acclaimed film Ghosts.


Articles by Hsiao-Hung Pai

This week's editor


Guest editor Ronan Harrington introduces this week's theme: Spirituality and Visionary Politics.

Ronan is a freelance political strategist and co-creator of Alter Ego, a gathering exploring the future of progressive politics.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A crisis facing Europe: far right going mainstream

A linkage between anti-refugee and anti-Muslim racism fuels the ambition of far-right movements across the continent.

The English Defence League and the new far-right

A street demo against "Islamisation" shows the potential for the English far-right to regain lost momentum.

Chinese women migrants: the hardest job

An undercover investigation into the working lives of Chinese women in Britain's sex trade brought Hsiao-Hung Pai close to its painful reality.

A breaking rule: partners under pressure

The effect of new rules on family migration into Britain is to leave thousands of marriages in a limbo of enforced separation, reports Hsiao-Hung Pai.

China, the view from the ground

The self-organising efforts of migrant workers and rights activists across China offer a vital insight into the nature and future of modern Chinese society, says Hsiao-Hung Pai.

Chinese migrant workers: lives in shadow

The unregulated work of Chinese immigrants on the margins of a rich western society puts them in a trap with many locked doors, finds Hsiao-Hung Pai.

Migrant labour - the unheard story

Two years after the deaths of twenty-three migrant workers who drowned while cockling on England's Lancashire coast, Hsiao-Hung Pai reports on the economic roots of the disaster, which remain unchanged despite public attention, debate, and new legislation.
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