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About Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon is a columnist and entrepreneur, and the chairman and editor-in-chief of, a journalistic enterprise making the fact-based case for Britain to stay in the EU. He writes a regular column on political economy for The International New York Times, Reuters and Breakingviews. He founded Breakingviews in 1999, and was its editor-in-chief and chairman until Thomson Reuters acquired it in 2009. He continued to edit it until 2012. His most recent book is The In/Out Question: Why Britain Should Stay in the EU and Fight to Make it Better.

Articles by Hugo Dixon

This week’s front page editor

Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Britain benefits from free movement

Voters often confuse internal and external EU migration, mistakenly assuming that a Brexit would better prevent non-EU nationals from 'sneaking in'. It won't.

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