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About Iain Ferguson

Iain Ferguson started working for OpenDemocracy as a commissioning editor in 2002 and left at the end of 2005 to work for ACTED, a development NGO in central Asia.

Articles by Iain Ferguson

This week’s front page editor


Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

'Peace in Ireland: the war of ideas,' Richard Bourke

“The most illuminating account of the Northern Ireland conflict.”

Talking about revolution: an interview with John Micklethwait

In the age of globalisation, companies are often associated with scandal (Enron), litigation (Microsoft), or overweening power (Wal-Mart). But in the wider historical perspective, the institution is both socially more transforming and politically less powerful than it often appears.

Corporate Timeline

What are the key events in the rise of modern corporations? Why do these institutions matter? Are they more powerful now than before, better behaved or worse? openDemocracy's corporate timeline explores the long, complex and controversial history of this engine of contemporary capitalism.

Fortress Florence and the Gate of Heavenly Peace

As 'no global' activists meet in Italy, Globolog says remember the six tonne elephant lurking in the corner

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