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About Ian Bateson

Ian Bateson is a foreign correspondent living in Kiev, Ukraine. He has written for Reuters, the Guardian, the Daily Beast and AL Jazeera. He tweets as @ianbateson.

Articles by Ian Bateson

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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ukraine’s eastern front: a Trump card in a bigger game?

nybmIlf4_0.jpgEverybody wants better relations between Russia and the west. But leaders in Moscow and DC could throw Ukraine under the bus to get them.


Turning our backs on Ukraine

nybmIlf4.jpgTwo years after the tumultuous events of 2014, Ukraine is falling out of international media — with consequences for Ukraine’s democracy.

The remains of MH17

There has so far been little sign of the cooperation which could lead to some form of closure for the MH17 bereaved. But that could be changing…


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