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About IFIT's Brain Trust for the Colombian Transition

IFIT’s Brain Trust for the Colombian Transition ("Fondo de Capital Humano para la Transición Colombiana") aims to ensure that the wealth of knowledge acquired during the Colombian peace talks remains available and actively engaged during the transition out of armed conflict. Read more here.

Articles by IFIT's Brain Trust for the Colombian Transition

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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Peacemaking in Colombia: lessons from the negotiators

One year ago, on November 24th 2016, after more than 4 years of intense negotiations, a Final Peace Agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla was signed. DemocraciaAbierta talked to experts and advisers who were at the negotiation table in Havana. See the whole project here.

How to design peace negotiations

How a negotiation is designed deserves as much of the parties’ time and attention as what they are negotiating. These 12 considerations guided the Colombian government and FARC delegations in designing the negotiations. Español

After the plebiscite, the 5 biggest challenges to peace

Implementing peace is as much about pubic reconciliation as it is overcoming practical obstactles, such as institutional capacity and reduced fiscal flexibility. Following our discussions with the Colombian negotiating team, we identified five of the biggest challenges in implementation. Español

Visit the Negotiations Timeline here. 

A window of opportunity for peace in Colombia

The negotiators from Colombia's peace process give us 10 reasons why negotiations were possible from 2012, and why we can't miss this opportunity for peace. Español

Visit the Negotiations Timeline here. 

Cómo diseñar un proceso de paz

La manera en que se diseña una negociación requiere tanto tiempo y atención de las partes como aquello sobre lo que están negociando. Presentamos doce principios que guiaron al gobierno colombiano y a las delegaciones de las FARC en el diseño de las negociaciones de paz. English

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