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About Igor Yasin

Igor Yasin is an activist in Moscow’s Rainbow Association and co-chair of the independent Russian Journalists and Media Workers Union.

Articles by Igor Yasin

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

By defending Russian journalist Ali Feruz, we defend ourselves. Now we need to repeat it

The solidarity campaign for Ali Feruz, who faced deportation to Uzbekistan, has been successful. What can we learn from it?

Igor Yasin: “If there’s no freedom of assembly for LGBT, there’s none for anyone else”

Russian activist Igor Yasin on attitudes towards LGBT in Russia’s regions, why the opposition has a homophobia problem, and how to assert your rights — and still be heard. RU

Russia needs its own Stonewall, not Western sanctions

As Western sympathizers call for a boycott on the Sochi Olympics, Igor Yasin wonders if this is quite the best way to help Russia’s LGBT community win their fight for equality. 

Russia's anti-gay own goal: see Sergey Khazov's contribution here

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