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About Ilya Yablokov

Ilya Yablokov teaches Russian politics, history and media at the University of Leeds. His research interests include conspiracy theories, nation building and politics in post-Soviet Russia, the history of post-Soviet journalism and international broadcasting. His article ‘Conspiracy Theories as a Russian Public Diplomacy Tool: The Case of Russia Today’ has recently been published in Politics. He tweets @ilya_yablokov.

Articles by Ilya Yablokov

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Putin and Trump’s bad bromance

The recent leak of emails from inside the US Democratic Party have led to allegations that Trump is a Kremlin agent. This is clickbait conspiracy at its best.

Russian journalism’s double white lines

A recent leak from a leading Russian media outlet has sparked a bitter debate about censorship and professional ethics, exposing how fragmented Russia’s journalist community truly is. Русский

Why are Russia’s journalists so prone to conspiracy theory?

The popularity of conspiracy theory in Russia today isn’t about cultural mindsets. It’s about media ethics. Русский


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