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About Iryna Solomko

Iryna Solomko is a Kyiv based Ukrainian journalist. She writes regularly for the Korrespondent magazine.

Articles by Iryna Solomko

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ukraine – hoping for peace but preparing for war

Ukrainians have accepted the loss of Crimea, but discrimination against dissenters has already started and partial mobilisation makes them very apprehensive that they may be called on to defend their future in more traditional ways.

The Maidan is alive and well and planning its future

The eyes of the world may be fixed on Crimea, but back in Kyiv the Maidan isn’t going away and is looking forward to a future mission spreading people’s politics around Ukraine. на русском языке

Maidan on wheels

Euromaidan in Ukraine has produced another protest movement – Automaidan.  It has picked up so much speed that the government is doing everything it can to put the brakes on…

The face of a tyrant

On 16 January the Ukrainian parliament passed emergency amendments to a series of laws on the judiciary and the status of the courts, which have transformed the country into a police state.

Ukraine’s point of no return

The Euromaidan activists continue to protest throughout Ukraine, despite considerable pressure from the authorities. A young journalist was recently beaten within an inch of her life, cars are set alight and there have been many other acts of provocation. But the protesters are resolved not to yield, reports Iryna Solomko

The Nine

Nine ordinary Ukrainians – ‘The Nine’– are currently sitting in jail in Kyiv. They were part of a peaceful protest near the Presidential Administration building; they paid for this with their health and their freedom.

Another day in Kyiv: photostory

On 8 December, Kyiv witnessed the largest opposition demonstration in recent memory. Iryna Solomko presents the day’s most arresting images.


Yuri Lutsenko: views from a prison cell

On the eve of the new year, Ukraine’s former Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko was arrested by special forces as he walked his dog. Six months later he remains behind bars, facing corruption charges considered by many to be incoherent and politically-motivated. At openDemocracy’s request, journalist Iryna Solomko spoke to the one-time Orange revolutionary about his case, Ukrainian justice and the fortunes of President Victor Yanukovych.

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