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Ivan Zhilin is a journalist for Novaya Gazeta.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A rifle stock to the heart, a fist to the gut: how left-wing activists are persecuted in Crimea

Though some groups may have supported Russian annexation, life under Russian rule has been far from sweet.

Crimea’s Ukrainian underground

Two years after Crimea became part of the Russian Federation, most traces of Ukrainian culture have effectively disappeared from the peninsula. Русский Українською

Warped mirror: how Russian media covers Europe’s refugee crisis

Zhilin crop.jpgFor all of its sniping and sensation, Russian media’s coverage of refugees in Europe hit too close to home. на русском языке


The destruction of sanctioned food only exposes Russia’s poverty gap

In Russia, while food imports from western countries are being destroyed in massive quantities, many ordinary citizens cannot afford to feed themselves. на русском языке


Would the real Maria Gaidar please stand up


Maria Gaidar, Russian opposition politician and daughter of a former prime minister, has found a new job – in Ukraine. What’s it all about?

Writing poetry in Russia is a dangerous profession


Aleksandr Byvshev, a schoolteacher from Russia’s Oryol region, is on trial for writing a poem opposing the annexation of Crimea.



The gospel according to the Kremlin

Zhilin crop.jpgThe cost of my fridge has doubled, but it's okay, professional psychologists can explain why I’m not bothered – what we Russians see on TV we believe as gospel. на русском языке

Russia is still building pyramids

C Shutterstock-Gajus crop.jpgRussians regularly lose their savings in the pyramid schemes flourishing throughout the country. And the government is doing – can do – nothing about them.


Russian defence before Russian health

Petersburg hospital 2013 (demotix - Roma Yandolin).jpg In 2012, President Putin promised to increase the healthcare budget. Two years later, the Russian government is cutting back. But not on the defence budget… на русском языке

How much does a Russian distillery really cost?

In Kirov, an incautious remark by Aleksei Navalny might result in five people going to prison for 10 years.


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