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About Jacqueline O'Rourke

Jacqueline O'Rourke is an independent consultant, writer and activist. Her recent book, Representing Jihad: the Appearing and Disappearing Radical is available from ZED Books.


Articles by Jacqueline O'Rourke

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mr. President, Why are you silent?

An open letter to President Barack Obama as “Pillar of defense” gets under way. 

Innocence of America: orientalism, hooligans and radicals

This is not a debate about “blasphemy”, about freedom of expression; this is a debate about a carefully orchestrated provocation, hate crimes and murder. Is it too much to ask that Americans be a little less “innocent” and that all the players who provoked these violent and surreal events be held accountable?

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