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About James A. Goldston

James Goldston is the Director of the Open Society Justice Initiative.

James A. Goldston es director de la Open Society Justice Initiative (Iniciativa de Justicia de la Sociedad Abierta).

James A. Goldston est le directeur de Open Society Justice Initiative.

Articles by James A. Goldston

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Making the human rights movement great again—amidst rising nationalism

As angry rhetoric and illiberal nationalism soars globally, the human rights movement needs clear thinking rather than sudden shifts. A contribution to openGlobalRights’ Trump and human rights series.

A string of departures from the ICC is ringing alarm bells

Three African states have pulled out of the ICC with other departures in the works, putting ICC legitimacy in crisis. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on the International Criminal Court.

Cambodian trials offer important lessons

The trials in a special, internationally-backed Court in Cambodia of Khmer Rouge leaders offer important lessons to those pursuing accountability for crimes against humanity elsewhere.   

La clef pour le succès de la CPI : élargir la portée de la justice internationale

Les arguments juridiques techniques sont insuffisants pour répondre au désenchantement grandissant concernant la CPI. Davantage doit être fait pour élargir la portée de la justice internationale et atteindre les puissants. Une contribution au débat sur la CPI d’openGlobalRights. EnglishEspañol

La clave para el éxito de la CPI: ampliar el alcance de la justicia internacional

Los argumentos técnicos jurídicos no son suficientes para hacer frente al creciente desencanto con la CPI. Se debe hacer más para que el alcance de la justicia internacional abarque a los poderosos. Una contribución al debate de openGlobalRights sobre la CPI. EnglishFrançais

The key to ICC success: widening the reach of international justice

Technical legal arguments are insufficient to address growing disenchantment with the ICC. More must be done to extend the reach of international justice to the powerful. A contribution to openGlobalRightsICC debate. EspañolFrançais

We need an ICJ ruling on Syria

Getting the world’s most respected judicial body to weigh in on Syria might not stop the regime from bombing civilians, but it will increase the political cost of continued attacks.

Is the "war on terror" being won? (II)

The second in toD's roundtables on the state of the so-called "war-on-terror".
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