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James Meadway is an economist and writer.

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This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Those who half make reformism dig only their own graves

Last week, a hollowed out Labour with a gagged leader failed to motivate its supporters to the polls. The party seems determined to learn all the wrong lessons.

Scottish independence, UK dependency

The fall in the price of the pound indicates quite how much Scotland props up the UK economy.

Yes: the radical case for Scottish independence - review

The radical case for Scottish independence is convincing, and should be considered by the left all across the UK.

'Democratic Wealth': clearing a path to the future

The left must move from sharing spoils to shared control of the economy if they are to clear a path towards the future. We publish the afterword to the free e-book Democratic Wealth: Building a Citizens' Economy, published today by openDemocracy and Politics in Spires (universities of Oxford and Cambridge).

Latest inflation figures: 3 things you should know

There has been much cheering about Britain's drop in inflation from 2.1% to 2%. However, living standards are still falling, the drop in inflation has little to do with the government and low inflation is a problem when you have high debts.

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